zaterdag 15 mei 2010

In Memoriam Tinus Smits

by Resie Moonen

On April 1 2010 our former president of the BHC passed away. He was surrounded by his wife, his sons and their families, and he died in peace at his home. We greatly honour him for all the work he did for the BHC. Also we thank him for encouraging us, the European doctors, who work as a volunteer in this beautiful project.

The people from Nepal thanked him especially , and they had a service for him as well on April 5, the same day of the funeral in Waalre- Holland.

These are the words from the Nepali staff:

On behalf of all Nepali people and our team we would like to HEARTILY THANK Dr.Tinus Smits for his noble work he did for the development of Homoeopathy in Nepal.

He has played a vital role to establish and run the 1st project Bhaktapur International Homoeopathic Clinic starting from 1995 till 2001, successfully. Thousands of patients got benefited by the treatment from the clinic and 10 Nepalese students got the opportunity to learn about classical homoeopathy for five years. Now they are practicing homoeopathy independently.

After the completion of the 1st project, with Dr.Tinus’ initiation and support we were able to start Bhaktapur homoeopathic clinic in 2005 and finally after 4 years of continuous effort we got the approval to start homoeopathic college. From last year 2009 we have started our 1st batch of homoeopathic student. There were times when we got discouraged and were even thinking of giving up but Dr.Tinus was always there for us to support us, encourage us - morally, physically and financially in his every possible way. Then with his support we could start all over again with much enthusiasm and the eagerness to follow the dream to spread and flourish homoeopathy.

In spite of his very busy schedule he always managed to come to Nepal once a year for a month. Within that period he was able to treat many Nepali patients, provide seminars, teach students about inspiring homoeopathy, Cancer treatment, treatment for Autistic Children etc. Many cancer cases got better from his treatment and also we could see the miracle in Autistic children.

To be a Homoeopath is not a easy task, one has to face many challenges and in the context of Nepal its more difficult since people do not know much about of homoeopathy but what we know is homoeopathy is the path of truth, truth has to face hurdles and many difficulties but truth always wins. In the same way it is difficult for us to start with but we know one day the dream shared by Dr.Tinus will come true. We will be able to run our college independently and we will be able to treat poor people of villages/people all over Nepal by Nepalese homoeopath and even to start a homoeopathic hospital in long run.

We all love Dr. Tinus; he is always in our heart. Thanks word alone is not enough for what you he has done to us and for the sake of homeopathy in Nepal.

Our prayers are always with him.

Rabindra Puri, Dr.Ambika Gyawali, Poonam Rajbhandari and our
Bhaktapur Homoeopathic Clinic Family, Bhaktapur Homoeopathic Medical College Family

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